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For a donation of $12 or more we will send you a free gift, Jamie Spence's just published book: A Bird Told Me.


Your gift will make a difference in the health and lives of Micronesians. Your financial partnership helps us to further the work. Your partnership is so valuable to us that we will send you a gift for a donation of $12 or greater. Jamie Spence, one of Canvasback Missions co-founder, has written a book about his and his wife's journey during the early years of the ministry in Micronesia.

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If you are wanting to receive more than one copy of the book gift, let us know how many you are requesting. We want to encourage sharing as we believe this little book can touch the hearts of many who might not know who God is. Increase your donation to cover the quantity desired.

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Thank you for your generous gift. The demand really took us by surprise. We have run out of books in stock but more are being printed and are expected to arrive by February 27.